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The typical children’s party that you might picture probably includes party games, jelly with ice cream and goody bags to take home. With the changing of time the way children have fun has changed and there’s a whole host of options available.


At Gizmo’s Lab we use our love of science to help young people learn new things while having fun at the same time. Our science party ideas may not be the most conventional, but they are certainly fun and definitely educational. We encourage our children to learn, to work as a team and to experiment with new things to ensure they get every last bit of enjoyment and fulfillment from their experience. To us, a children’s science party is about ideas, about science party ideas and thinking outside of the box. When you step out of the ordinary, it’s then you get the extraordinary. Gizmo’s Lab is not at all a conventional children’s science party company, in fact, it’s been proven time and time again – we’re far from it, we are EXTRAORDINARY, making us more unique and significantly interesting then conventional package deal science party companies.

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