After School Clubs and Science Workshops for Primary Schools In Nottingham, Leicester, London and now Nationwide

For many working parents, after school clubs can be a lifeline. To some children however, this extends the overall day anywhere between 8am to late afternoon, being 6pm. After schools can be a great way for bridging the gap between school time and parents’ work commitments. This relationship can act as a form of enrichment towards offering children a better quality of life – offering facilities such general social skills.


With Gizmo’s Lab, other than children’s parties, we offer amazing after school clubs with the opportunity for children to create and use their imagination in projects ranging from volcanoes to electronics to magnets for children and rockets.  We incorporate the British Science Association’s CREST star investigators projects which means that your child learns and develops educational skills whilst in a fun environment. Gizmo’s Labs are dedicated to teaching the importance of science and with the combined service of introducing scientific toys for children alongside amazing projects – this is a BONUS! Our after school clubs and science workshops for primary schools are situated in London, Leicester, Nottingham and we’re expanding nationwide; we are truly different and want more children to take the  experience for what we offer.

Why Choose Gizmo’s Lab After School Clubs and Science Workshops for Primary Schools?

  • Our after school clubs are significantly more affordable in comparison to child care and other science clubs.
  • We are situated and operate within the familiar environment of the school, giving you peace of mind.
  • Our clubs and Science workshops are situated within school premises – this prevents children from wandering off.
  • They help develop children’s social skills as they interact with each other.
  • It’s a great place to learn new skills in technology and science.
  • It’s an opportunity to work as science cadets in a team focused on ’real life projects’ – just like in the ‘real world’.
  • Taking part gives your child a sense of achievement and builds their confidence.
  • Your child gets to take home their completed projects and show just how wonderful and unique they really are.
  • Our clubs are linked to the British Science Association CREST star investigator projects which give children a sense of pride.
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