Cloud in the bottle – children’s science experiments at Home

28 Oct Cloud in the bottle – children’s science experiments at Home

The cloud in the bottle experiment is quite unique and sublime which is used in many children’s science party experiments throughout the country. The cloud in the bottle experiment illustrates the formation of clouds and thanks to Gizmo’s Lab you don’t have to spend lots of money contacting a science party vendor to do this experiment. You can do this at home for practically pennies!


Try this experiment with care and have fun
Before you begin:
Make sure you are wearing protective clothing and in an area where you can clean the ingredients easily!
OK.Cloud in the bottle, Lets begin…
Ingredients and equipment
A clear empty 2 litre plastic drinks bottle
Rubbing alcohol (acetone nail polish remover)
10ml of water
Foot pump with attached rubber stopper
Safety glasses
Step 1. Measure approximately 5ml (tablespoon) of rubbing alcohol in to the plastic bottle. Then add the 10ml of water.
Exact measurements are not so important. Just try and get it close.
Step 2. Close the bottle with bottle cap and shake the bottle vigorously for 10 seconds.
Make sure the bottle is tightly capped
Step 3. Open the bottle and attach the rubber stopper tightly to the bottle.
Make sure a second person is holding onto the stopper.
Step 4. Pump the bottle quickly to it’s maximum.
Take caution when pumping bottle, ensuring safety glasses are worn at all times.

Now the fun part…
Step 5 . Release the stopper.

You will notice that the bottle becomes instantaneously cloudy!
Step 4. Clean up your area and equipment.
Repeat the experiment again and again adding more pressure inside the bottle.
Step 5. Enjoy your experiment!
Important! Do NOT DRINK or put on clothing or your carpet! In case of accidental contact, DO NOT rub eyes just wash hands using soapy water.


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